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tisdag 20 januari 2009

HELP Blotanical!!! What is this?????

Does anyone knows what this is?
Can anyone help me??? I'm a idiot with computurs.

Well now I have pickt my self on Blotanical !! And this time it do work.. I wonder what is
wrong with the other posts?

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  1. I was on my way to tell you about this feed issue? I could pick most of your posts, but not this one. Looks like you fixed it.

    Love the echinaceas!


  2. Hi Linda, I have noticed this on several people's posts not just today, for the last few days. The best advice I can give is to send Stuart a message on the help tab. He is the one who can fix it.


  3. There have been a lot of bugs lately. I sent Stuart a post. Not only on the picks but when you click to go back to posts it says there is an error. George at the Vermont Gardener had this same problem and he somehow fixed it. I think it is a feed maybe?

  4. Hi Linda, thanks for the little chat this evening :O)...soooo, it´s your turn now to visit.
    You know where.

  5. I have been having the same problems with the picks option. I go to pick some one and that message comes up. Now I cannot read who picked my posts because they option will not load up the names. Definitely something happening with the Picks options.

  6. I've seen this happen a few times on other posts, too. I guess computers will always have a few bugs in them:( Now 'm off to pick your post to make sure it works!


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